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Log4LUA version 0.2 and project page

Everything is available at the project page

Please report issues and feature request here.

Version 0.2 is a bug fix release but with 2 significant changes in syntax:

  1. Changed all constructor methods from create(...) to new. Seems to be more common in the LUA world.
  2. The logger class is now returned by the module. So it is

    local logger = require("optivo.common.log4lua.logger")
    local LOG =

    instead of

    local logger = require("optivo.common.log4lua.logger")
    local LOG = logger.Logger.create(...)

Some potential bugs have been spotted using (a slightly adopted version of) lualint and LuaCov.

With release of version 0.2 the Log4LUA API is declared as stable. Future versions might change the syntax but are guaranteed to be backwards compatible.

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